What To Do When Your Music Is Not Getting Proper Recognition

Imagine that you are one of those people who have been in the music industry for some time but not many people know who you are and most people have not heard of your work. Isn’t this scenario worse than the worst nightmare you have ever had?So, what can we do if this happens? (Oh, yes! It happens every day to more people than we can ever imagine). The first step is to identify why this is happening and then only you can find the remedy. You cannot cure a disease if you do not know what it is!IdentifyThe most important thing is to identify that people are not listing to your music or are not appreciating your work as they should. Sometimes you may have been too engrossed in your work that you did not notice that you are losing fans.Get feedbackOnce you have found out that there really is a problem, you have to find out the cause. So, do not be shy, ask people why they have stopped listening or why they are giving less importance to your work. You can start by asking from your family and friends and based on their response you can decide on how to get back on the ladder. For example, if they feel that your style is out dated or your equipment are not fancy enough to generate the kind of effect they want, you can check out the latest DJ courses online that will bring your work back on track.

RecordDo some new music and publish them. You do not have to wait for a live performance. Recorded pieces that are published on online platforms will give you an insight as to how much popularity you still have and also to grow your fan base as people who will not normally come to watch a live performance are more likely to be browsing Internet.Be creativeDo not always stick to a style that you are comfortable with; it may bore people. After all, there is so much of everything that a person can bear! Think of new ways of adding some extra flare to your work and do not be shy to enrol yourself at a good DJ school that will fine tune your talents. They are not only for beginners.Never give upIt is easy to give up and find a job that does not require creativity. But if you know that you are good and there are a lot more that you can do for the music industry, do not let a shortcoming stop you altogether. You just have to practice more and may be enhance your knowledge on the latest equipment.

How To Prepare For Assessments Correctly

Getting ready for assessments be it something you have to do for college, university or professional qualifications is something that is very important. For that same reason it can also be really stressful. While many people handle this stress easily and do not get affected negatively by it, there is also a vast majority that will be anxious and fail to perform well even if though they have studied enough. So how can you prepare will for an assessment? Here are some tips to help you out.

Start in advance

Create a timetable for yourself and start studying for the evaluations in advance. For example if it is an IB math tutor in Hong Kong that you need to do, if the date of the evaluation is one month from now, do not wait for a week to be there between now and the date of evaluation to start studying. Start in advance so that you do not have to get pressured at the last minute and try to memorize everything instead of spending time to carefully understand the concepts. Depending upon the number of subjects that you are sitting for, you are looking at leaving at least a month for each subject and a month for revising everything overall.

Handle the difficult subjects first

We often put off the difficult bits like IB math exam preparation for later because subjects like mathematics and science and the likes are difficult. If you find a subject that is tough for you than others, what you should ideally do is to devote more time to that subject and start on it way ahead of time so that you know you are giving it the best shot that you have. Going in unprepared without having given your weak points enough time will get you poor results. If you start early on you will even have enough time to get the help of tutors who can help you out in the subject.

Do not be nervous

You are taking an assessment. There is no need to be nervous or anxious because what this does more than anything else is make you feel less sure of yourself and what you have studied. It will make you feel confused and cause anxiety that can even make you go blank at the date of the evaluation. Relax and know that whatever the outcome is you are doing your very best and that is in reality all that you should truly be focusing on. Do not take on unwanted pressure. Do not try to surpass somebody else either their abilities are very different to yours.