The Instructor And You – Questions You Want To Ask

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If you have decided on a driving instructor already, you might want to ask him or her a few questions before you actually pay them to teach you how to drive. Why is that so? Simply because the following questions are probably going to give you an insight into the instructor’s character more than qualifications or reviews ever will. Well, what are you waiting for? Continue reading below to see what these questions are! Go here  for more information about driving instructor.  

  • The length of time they have been teaching – whether they have been at a driving school Point Cook or whether they have taught independently for their entire life, you want to find someone who has experience in teaching. The best way to confirm this is by simply asking them how many years they have been in the field.
    • What they like about teaching – this question is a nice way to get the instructor to warm up to you. If they have been doing this for a long time, there must be something that they like about teaching others to drive; an instructor with a passion for teaching is bound to be more patient and understanding than one who has no drive to teach.
      • How many of their students pass the tests – rather than asking about their qualifications to get an idea of their ability to teach, asking how many of their students generally pass the test on their first try is a good indicator of their ability. The more students who pass, the more is the instructor capable of fitting to the specific needs of each student, and the more attention they pay each one.
        • Their teaching methods – make sure to ask this important question, because you want to know what their driving lessons will be like. Do they like to give you an introduction before you start every session? Do they also want to focus on car maintenance and other technical details of driving? Or do they believe in teaching the theoretical details at the beginning and let you drive second? Whichever way it is, you want to find the way that sticks with you best.
          • Why you should pick them – and of course, conclude the small interview with the classic question any interviewer would ask: why your instructor believes he or she is the best fit for the job. It is a good idea to leave this question for last because it can be somewhat cheesy and awkward to both ask and answer it, however, you should generally expect a genuine answer. It might be because they can help you deal with your anxiety or nervousness, or it might be because they are willing to let you drive until they feel you are at a satisfactory level – regardless of rates or sessions.